Re-Shaping the future of skydiving

Skydive Crazy is the creation of ex Skydive Hibaldstow Chief Instructor Rob (Crazy-legs) Spour. Rob is a multi-rated BPA Instructor (AFF/Tandem/Static Line), a BPA coach, tunnel instructor and a highly experienced BPA Instructor Examiner, in short, the man is a legend with an exceptional track record. 

Skydive Crazy operates primarily as a mobile Dropzone and Skydive Club, with all of the organization’s instructors being a part of the British Parachute Association (BPA) and USPA Instructor examiners, holding ratings in all Instructional syllabuses within the BPA. As a team, they have been working and involved in the sport for a combined total of over 100 years and have more than 50,000 jumps between them. In this time they have jumped with countless tandems, trained and progressed thousands of students, including taking some of those right through to Advanced Instructor (and the exceptional few all the way to Chief Instructor).
 They do this teaching whilst still maintaining the same infectious love for the sport they’ve held since their very first jump. There is nothing they enjoy more than sharing their life passion with students and club members.

They teach and Instruct with safety at the forefront but within a relaxed and supportive framework. All of Skydive Crazy’s Instructors use innovative training methods and are always exploring new and progressive training techniques.  Skydive Crazy’s instructors have all held Chief Instructor roles at a variety of dropzones throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide. They have all had exceptional safety and training records and can be considered among the best in the world, which is why they were hand-picked for this event.